If you would like to stop receiving flyers or text messages from The River Church, please fill out the following form below.

    Why do you put flyers on doors that say “No Soliciting?”
    Our activities are completely free and community-oriented. Simply put, we are not engaging in solicitation. Solicitation typically involves the following activities, which we do not engage in:

    • Requesting charitable donations or conducting fundraising.
    • Selling products or services.
    • Collecting signatures for petitions.
    • Offering paid work or services, such as home repairs or lawn care.

    Our flyers do not solicit goods, services, donations, or signatures, nor do they advertise products. Instead, they serve as invitations to community events that are freely provided by individuals who generously donate their time and resources without expecting anything in return. Our initiatives include cash and car giveaways, free community Easter egg hunts, live music events, Christmas toys, food distributions, gift card giveaways, assistance with bills, and much more. We believe these efforts embody what all local churches should strive for: using the donations and resources they receive to positively impact the lives of those in their community.

    Why did you come to my door that said “No Trespassing”?
    When we knock on doors we are inviting those in our community to attend a Sunday morning service, or an entirely free community event. Knocking or leaving a flyer is an attempt at communication, not intrusion. This does not constitute as criminal trespassing. However, we respect any request from those who do not wish to receive flyers from us.

    • Intent: Trespassing laws focus on entering someone’s property without permission with the intent to cause harm or disrupt their use of the property. Knocking or leaving a flyer is an attempt at communication, not intrusion.
    • Limited Interaction: The act itself is brief and doesn’t involve physically entering the property beyond a knock or placing the flyer.