Community Support Notice

At The River, we are deeply committed to serving and supporting our community in a variety of spiritual and practical ways. We believe in the power of community, prayer, and service to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Our mission is to provide spiritual guidance, emotional support, and opportunities for personal growth and community connection.

We understand that life can present challenging situations, including financial difficulties. It’s in these times that the strength of community and the support of faith can be most comforting. However, we want to be transparent about the types of assistance we can offer.

Please Note: As part of our ministry and mission, The River Church does not provide direct financial assistance for personal bills, such as phone, electric, utilities, rent, or other individual financial needs. This decision allows us to focus our resources on the core aspects of our ministry and other support services that align with our mission and capabilities.

Seeking Assistance?

If you are in need of financial assistance, we recommend contacting local agencies and organizations dedicated to providing this type of support. Many communities have resources designed to help with utilities, housing, food, and more. We encourage reaching out to:

Local government social services

Coshocton County Department of Job and Family Services (740) 622-1020
They offer programs like Ohio Works First (OWF), Medicaid, and Food Stamps (SNAP).

Coshocton County Veterans Service Commission  (740) 622-2313
They offer financial assistance for rent/mortgage, utilities, and food to eligible veterans.

United Way 211 (simply dial 211) for a directory of local support services

Non-profit organizations specializing in financial assistance

Salvation Army (740) 622-0971
Rent and Utility Assistance. Hot Meal Programs and Food Pantries.

Kno-Ho-Co (740) 622-9801
Emergency services such as shelter and home services, rental/utility assistance and more.


For those needing employment: List of Job Openings in Coshocton, Ohio

How We Can Help

While we may not offer direct financial assistance, The River Church is committed to supporting our community through:

  • Community Gospel Outreaches
    • During our community outreaches we give away cars, toys, food, giftcard, bill pays, cash drawings, household items and more (every outreach is different).
    • Go to our Events page to see if we have an outreach coming up!
  • Easter Egg Hunt
    • We host the largest easter egg hunt in the county! Free bikes, toys and more for kids!
  • Christmas Toy Giveaway
    • Every year we give free toys to children for Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving Food and Turkey Giftcard
    • Every Thanksgiving we give away a $10-$15 gift card and thanksgiving food.
  • Bible Training on Stewardship
    • Join us at The River Church where we teach on financial stewardship every Sunday morning!
    • Break the back of lack! The Bible says God will supply ALL your needs! Jesus said your Heavenly Father will feed and care for you. Come learn what the Bible says about breaking out of poverty and lack. We have HUNDREDS of testimonies of people actively experiencing God’s blessing!

We invite you to join for our Sunday Morning main event service! Join us for a time of anointed praise music, powerful preaching and teaching of the Word, and prayer for those in need. Remember to always run to God, and not from Him. The Bible calls Him our “very present help in time of need”!

The River Church is located at 494 Downtowner Plaza in Coshocton, Ohio. Our service begins Sunday at 10AM!

Thank you for understanding our position. If you have any questions or need spiritual support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our contact page.