End Time Bible Prophecy Teaching

Event details

  • Wednesday | 31 August 2022
  • 18:30
  • Location Announced via Facebook

The Book of Revelation is not meant to scare or confuse us, it is there to bring us hope and encourage us. Join us the next several Wednesdays at The River Church as we walk you through the events of the End Times as recorded in Scripture.
In these free sessions we will cover the entirely of the Book of Revelation and go over topics such as…
– The Rapture
– The Gog & Magog War
– Rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and why it’s important
– How the events in Israel today line up with Bible Prophecy
– The Rise of the Anti Christ
– 7 Years of Tribulation
– Mark of the Beast
– Who are the 144,000?
– Return of Christ
– Millennial Reign
– Judgements: White Throne, Bema Seat, Judgment of the Nations
Whether you are new to Bible Prophecy, or already have a grasp on it, we believe you will see Scripture in a whole new light!
Location: The River Church
494 Downtowner Plaza Coshocton, OH 43812
Teacher: Pastor Zachary Weber
Time: Wednesdays @ 7PM
* FREE, All are welcome to attend
* Child Care is Currently Not Available