God’s Promise to Heal Part 4

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1. It is a part of our covenant – Heb 8:6
2. Sickness and Disease are Demonic Oppression – Acts 10:38
3. Redeemed from Sickness and Disease! – Galatians 3:13/Deu 28
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4. Healing is the Children’s Bread.
5. Sickness is an abomination unto God.
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6. Healing is a part of “The Blessing” – Exodus 23:35/Gal 3:14
7. He is still Jehovah-Rapha – Exodus 15:26
8. His Word is Health – Proverbs 4:20-22

9. We Are God’s Priests

Revelation 5:10 “And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.”

In the New Testament, we learn that in Christ we have been made Priests and Kings. Priests were the ones in the Old Covenant that would offer sacrifices before God. Today, we don’t make sacrifices for our sin because Christ was the final “sin offering”. But, we are to be a living sacrifice by not being conformed to this world (Rom 12:1).

In Leviticus 21:16-23 we learn that a sickness or deformity disqualified a person from being a Priest. This is an important thing to note, because it is yet another reason God provides healing for His people under the New Covenant. God loves sick people, but He detests sickness and He won’t have it on His people. It is not the person that is unacceptable, but sickness and disease. The priests in Leviticus were to be healthy and whole to offer sacrifices.

Never allow your identity to be in a sickness, disease or deformity. Never say things like “My arthritis” or “my auto-immune disease”. It’s not yours! It is not who you are, and it is not God’s will for your life. It’s a thief, sent to steal from you. Also, do not think there’s something wrong with you just because it’s there. The devil is also no respecter of persons! A thief doesn’t care who you are, it’s just there to steal from you. Just know that, if you are currently dealing with a physical condition that God wants you healthy, and He wants you whole, because you are one of His priests! He wants us healthy, and whole, as we serve Him!

10. Our BODIES are to be presented a living sacrifice.

Romans 12:1 I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice…

In Leviticus 22:17-25 the sacrifices presented to the Lord had to be healthy and whole to be acceptable to Him. Just because your body is sick doesn’t mean God doesn’t accept you but He never wants you sick. He won’t be pleased until you are made whole, heal and complete!

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