At the age of 3 years old I would stand on my potty chair and sing that “the Church was going higher than it’s been before!” I always felt the call of God on my life. I proceeded to train myself to become an Evangelist as a young man. Towards the end of my time in Bible School I started to cry out to God on what He wanted me to do, and where He wanted me to go. I was told to go back to Coshocton in a vision. The Lord said “There’s another generation of ministers in Coshocton, they just don’t know who I Am yet.”, He said “I am going to breathe life into that city!” and He also told me “When you go back you’ll see the beginning of what I’ll do through your life.” When I returned to my home town of Coshocton, I conducted an outreach in which 69 people gave their hearts to the Lord, and it turned into a two week Revival of healings, signs and wonders. God moved in a phenomenal way! The burden the Lord put on my heart is for our city, to see souls come into the Kingdom of God and lives transformed by the Anointing.

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