3 Church Destroying Spirits

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Absalom, King Davids son, betrayed his father by stealing the hearts of men in Israel and leading them to revolt against their king. This spirit of betrayal works through discontented or offended spiritual leaders who betray the authority of the senior pastor. They seek to build a following of people who will support their agenda, which is contrary to the purpose and vision of the senior pastor and majority of the congregation. This “Absalom” spirit will often lead his followers outside of the church, causing division and great hurt to God’s anointed leadership. These people may also slip into a church’s ranks, carrying offense from their previous church (that they probably were kicked out of or forced to leave).

All Authority is delegated by God. The Bible teaches submission to authority, and tells us in 1 Peter to wrap ourselves in the garb of a servant and yield to our spiritual leaders. We should not seek to build our own following, or take authority that doesn’t belong to us. As Kingdom Builders, we all should be working to make Chirst-Followers and stand in whatever place He puts us in!


This spirit has no gender; it can function in both a male or female personality. It especially energizes people who are insecure, vain, jealous and dominating, having a consuming desire to control. Control is this principalaties ultimate goal, and will even use sexual passion as a tool. In the church, this spirit may appear to be extremely loyal, and willing to volunteer for special service. It is strong-willed, religious and often very gifted. But make no mistake, this spirit is always motivated by a character flaw that desires to control.

The first time we see Jezebel in scripture, we see a manipulative and rebellious person who sought to destroy the Lords prophets. This spirit hates repentance and the moving of the Holy Spirit, as it will be exposed for what it is!


This is a spirit filled with deadly hostility. This pharisaical (religious) spirit killed Abel, crucified Jesus, stoned Stephen and tried to do away with Paul. Its target is still the life of Christ, and it will try to destroy the Christ-life that dwells within believers today. By nature the pharisaical spirit hates the grace of God but loves legalism. The Pharisees rejected Jesus as He preached the good news of the Gospel to the poor. Though He was the chief cornerstone on which God was building His kingdom, they rejected Him for their own interpretation of the Old Testament and for their religious traditions. Through these traditions, while receiving the praise of men they could manipulate and control the lives of people for their own benefit.

When they tried to judge Jesus according to their traditions, He challenged the legalism they held so dear. Upholding their laws was more important to them than building a relationship with the Living Word.

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